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The art of a successful blog

The art of a successful blog

Blogs can be baffling, especially for brands and businesses. Something that can be seen as time consuming and mundane can actually be very influential and increase the number of clicks through to your blog site, increase your social media following and generally increase your worth to your target audience.

Blogs provide consumers with a direct gateway to brands and businesses, giving them an insight into a world that they wouldn’t normally be able to see. A blog gives a brand the chance to communicte with their target audience in a language that their consumers understand.

Short, sharp and snappy is the aim of the game so blog posts should be kept to a minimum but should ALWAYS be informative, fun and above all else, make the reader or consumer feel closer to the brand in question, therefore boosting brand loyalty and potentially increasing consumer spend.

So, why not start a blog today and begin your journey into a world of understanding your consumers and giving them content that they want to see or hear. Engage them in conversation or simply spark a fuse that will get them to interact with each other.

My top tips for writing a successful blog:

- Use language that your audience will understand

- Create content that’s interesting, informative and lighthearted. No-one wants to read a blog that takes itself too seriously

- Offer up insightful information that makes your followers feel like part of a community and re-inforces why they but into or follow your brand

- Be conversational. Blogs are a way of communicating key facts to your audience in a fun and friendly way. It’s not a boardroom presentation

- Have fun creating your brand personality and giving it a voice

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